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Attention Ambitious Female Entrepreneurs Who Want It All

Discover the secrets to
building a thriving business
and a fulfilling marriage

Unlock the key to achieving success in both your business and relationship
with expert guidance, actionable strategies, and a supportive community!

If You'd Like to Stop Being the Queen of the Balancing Act and
Instead Become the Queen of Your Relationship...

Register Now for LIMITED TIME
Only Available Until the Spots are filled...
and there are only 19 left...

Dear Friend,

Are you tired of feeling like you have to choose between your success in business and having an amazing marriage?

 You may have felt like it's a double edged sword because when you're working on your business you feel like you should be taking care of your family and when you're taking care of your family you're weighed down by all the things that aren't getting done for your business...

It’s an obstacle that’s hard to get around and one that most married entrepreneurs like you have faced.

But with our coaching program, we can help you to gracefully dance between professional and personal goals and let go of the mental and emotional weight .

Achieve Success in Business Without Sacrificing Your Marriage

A lot of women, especially business owners, feel like they are professional jugglers as they try to prioritize tasks, manage time, and effectively communicate  with their spouse to have their needs met.

They feel torn between their professional and personal goals, battling limiting beliefs and self-doubt.  And for most women, none of the existing solutions work because they only address either how to build your business...or how to help your marriage.

It's time for a new approach that allows you to create long-term sustainability and fulfillment in both your business and relationship.

  • Are you tired of feeling torn between your professional and personal goals, struggling to find a solution that truly works in creating harmony and sustainability in both your business and relationship?
  • Have you tried existing methods and solutions, only to find them ineffective in helping you overcome self-doubt, limiting beliefs, and the challenges of balancing multiple priorities?
  • ​Are you ready for a fresh approach that empowers you to prioritize tasks, efficiently manage your time, and establish effective communication with your spouse while unlocking your full potential for long-term fulfillment in both areas?

What will happen if nothing changes?  If you just continue to be pulled in every direction with no support how far can you be stretched before  you snap?  What will be the collateral damage be...?  

The ultimate cost is the missed opportunity to achieve a harmonious dance between your entrepreneurial dreams and a happy, thriving relationship.

Don't let limiting beliefs hold you back from experiencing success in both realms. It's time to take courageous action and discover how you can build a fulfilling business and an amazing marriage with finesse and ease.

The Sacrifice That Almost Destroyed Everything

Eighteen years ago, I made a decision to go after my dreams as an entrepreneur. In my pursuit of success, I unintentionally put everything, including my family, on the back burner.

My marriage suffered, and we reached a breaking point where we weren't sure if we would make it. I had sacrificed too much in the name of eliminating distractions, and I had lost sight of what truly mattered - my relationship with my spouse.

The Awakening That Saved Our Marriage

It was a moment of awakening when Jason took a stand for our marriage and told me that "Whatever it takes, YOU are worth it". 

Jason helped me realize that the events that happen in our lives don't define us; it's how we show up and take accountability for our decisions that truly matter.

I took full responsibility for the damage I had caused and we committed to rebuilding our marriage from the ground up.

With faith and hard work, we transformed our relationship into something even stronger than before. We became more in love, more aligned, and more passionate than ever before - all while continuing to grow in business.

Finally, It’s Your Turn to Prosper

The BAM! Prosperity 3 Day Live Intensive is your invitation to unlock the resources within you and achieve unlimited prosperity in all areas of your life. Join us as we guide you on a transformative journey towards success and abundance.

  • Gain practical, powerful communication skills to navigate crucial conversations.
  • Re-train your brain and overcome limiting beliefs in all areas of your life.
  • Overcome conflict without contention.
  • ​Create space for deeper connection in all aspects of intimacy.
  • ​Confidently ask for the support you need without guilt or shame.

It all comes as part of the 3 Day Live Event. In this intensive program, you will receive expert guidance and training to develop powerful communication skills, overcome limiting beliefs, and create deeper connections in your relationships.

Join our amazing community of like-minded entrepreneurs who are redefining what it means to be a power couple. Don't miss out on this opportunity to transform your life and achieve true prosperity. 

Hear what others are saying...

"The most important thing we have is our relationships..."

"I would totally recommend working with them..."

"Their approach is practical..."

Unlock the Power of Prosperity 

  Here's What to Expect When you Attend...   

  • 3 Transformational Days = 12 Sessions to Create the Business and Marriage of Your Dreams  ($9997 Value)
    This isn't 3 days of Lectures!  In this experience you'll be learning and USING the tools starting with the first session!  

    We HIGHLY RECOMMEND BRINGING YOUR SPOUSE!  We recognize that it doesn't always work out...Please know...
     It only takes 1 to be a catalyst for change! 

    To make it easier on the budget your
  • Individual and Group Coaching ($2497 Value):
    -We get that every one's situation is unique to them.  During our time together, we'll teach, demonstrate & model, then coach as you use --the tools.  We'll walk you through the different challenges you face so you can practice the skills in a safe, judgement-free space.
  • Lifetime Access to Our Abundant Boss Wives Community ($997 Value)
    -Be able to connect with like-minded entrepreneurs & their spouses that are creating profound impact in the world. These Power Couples that embody the values of modeling Strong Families, Strong Businesses & Strong Communities!    
  • Financial Mastery Blueprint ($1497 Value):
    -Access to this tool will help you take control of your finances and transform your business's bottom line. 
  • Time Tango Tracker ($497 Value):   
    -Time is the only non-renewable resource.  Learn to dance with it. This tool will help you see where you're investing your time so you can make the shifts needed for higher productivity and greater connectivity.  
  • ​***FAST ACTION BONUS #1*** 90 Minute Private Deep Dive Coaching Session ($1997 Value):
    -At the Event you'll be invited to schedule: Unlock your fullest potential and overcome your business challenges with personalized guidance and strategies tailored to your unique needs.
  • ***FAST ACTION BONUS #2*** Desire Decoder ($997 Value):  
    -Discover the Passion Principles for Deeper Connection and More Fulfilling Intimacy 

That's over $17,000 in value!

Register Now for LIMITED TIME
Only Available Until the Spots are filled...
there are only 19 left...

 We are so confident that this intensive will transform your relationships, elevate your business, boost your confidence, and help you achieve prosperity in all areas of your life that we offer a rock-solid BAM! Prosperity guarantee.

If after attending the intensive and implementing what you've learned, you don't experience significant positive changes, simply let us know and we'll gladly refund your entire purchase price. You have 30 days from the last day of attending the BAM! Prosperity 3 Day Live Intensive to get a full refund if it doesn't deliver on its promises.

It's that simple. Take a leap towards prosperity today with our risk-free guarantee.

Make the Decision That Changes Everything

Are you tired of standing at the crossroads, unsure of which path to take? It's time to make the decision that changes everything.

At BAM Prosperity, we understand the weight of this moment. That's why we've crafted a transformational program designed to ignite your marriage and elevate your business.

Imagine a life where your relationship thrives, where communication flows effortlessly, and where passion is reignited. Picture a business that surpasses your wildest dreams, where success and fulfillment go hand in hand.

By investing in our program, you're not just choosing a product – you're choosing a life and a legacy worth living. You're stepping into a realm of possibility, where prosperity awaits at every turn.

Don't let indecision hold you back any longer. Take a leap of faith and embrace the power of transformation. Join us on this journey toward a thriving marriage and an elevated business.

Today is the day to make the decision that changes everything. Your future is calling, and BAM Prosperity is here to help you answer. Act now and unleash the abundance that awaits.